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The Associate Marketing Program (AMP)

The distribution division of Voltage Partners.

If you know anything about the app and game industry, you know there are millions and millions of apps and games that are never successful. Some are junk, but some are actually good.

So why aren’t the good ones more successful? One word: distribution.
We distribute our apps and games like no one else!

We take our mobile apps and games and distribute them through the largest social gaming hub ever, AMPHub!

Simple concept: Combine apps and games with a social network and bring in millions of users to view, use, and enjoy them.

So…how do people know about AMP Hub? Isn’t it like every other app or website?

We use a network distribution model. Instead of paying bigwig advertising executives to hopefully get a good return on investment from our marketing budget, we pay people like you from around the world to bring users to the AMP Hub. When users join (either as an associate or a retail user), we pay the person who brought them in. It’s a perfect return on investment of marketing dollars.

More specifically, You Get Paid 3 ways

  1. Building a Business: AMP Hub rewards you for building a team of like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world. With a very powerful 3x9 matrix, both forced and compressed, you earn a monthly residual income for everyone you help get started as an AMP Associate. The more associates you bring in, the more you get paid. The more associates they bring in, the more you get paid!
  2. AMP Hub Subscriptions: We all hate those annoying ads and in-app purchases most games require us to watch or pay, interrupting our game play. Get Paid $2/month for every subscription you sell and get paid $1/month for every subscription your team sells of “ad-free” game play.
  3. Free Users: The AMPHub is 100% FREE Game Play.
    Fully integrated into the AMPHub is an Ad Network. For every free user personally connected to you with the AMP Hub is a potential payout. The more users you invite, the more you get paid; the more users they invite, the more you get paid!!

The income potential with the AMP Hub is limitless!!

AMPHub is a part of a larger company called Voltage Partners. Voltage Partners is a market research company combined with a software development company.

  1. We use your market research to identify and pinpoint software needs around the world.
  2. We take your ideas and needs we learn from you and develop apps and games. These could be your ideas, your friend’s ideas, your children’s ideas or even your neighbor’s kids ideas!
  3. Market research combined with software development positions Voltage Partners like no other company in the world.

In fact, we are the first software company in the world that “crowd sources” ideas for mobile apps and games. With our proprietary, proven process called “ideation,” we identify and build the best ideas into apps and games.

Just like the AMP Hub, we use a network marketing model. Our partners, like you and your team, bring us ideas. We take the best ideas and build them into apps and games that are then sold throughout the world.

When these ideas become successful, all Voltage Idea Partners share in the success!

Here’s how it works with Voltage:

  1. We gather ideas (market research)
  2. We build the best ideas into apps and games (software development)
  3. We load the apps and games into AMPHub (world distribution)

Sounds good, but you’re asking yourself
"What specifically does it mean for me?”
Glad you asked!

As a member of Voltage Partners, you can be paid for each of the three parts:
market research, software development, and distribution.

Earn Income in 3 Easy ways

  1. You and your team get paid for market research
  2. You and your team get paid when the ideas are successful
  3. You and your team get paid for sharing mobile apps and games

Just like that, 1, 2, 3! No other opportunity exists like Voltage Partners.

We’ll let you in on a little secret... the marketing budgets in the software industry are huge! But...the big difference with Voltage Partners is we pay people like you instead of the big advertising agencies - and we don’t hold back!

Bottom Line

We are an apps and games development company and an apps and games distributor. In fact, because you are earning from all three divisions of Voltage Partners, you could potentially earn more money with less people than any other company in the industry.

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